Friday, April 4, 2008

What's In Your Backseat?

Apparently, riding in my car requires an adventurous, observant and humourous nature...

As I pulled out of the parking lot, my water-logged passenger - saved from more water-loggedness, I might add - pipes up with the following inventory:

-a stuffed monkey in a homemade superhero costume
-a full-sized Kleenex box
-a junior sized soccer ball
-a batman umbrella
-a clerical collar

Apparently, adding my purse (adequate for 5 year old boy and any necessary pastoral items), covered a large area of the seat, and made her unable to complete the inventory. Who knows? There could have been a dragon, Bible Man, or jello under that!!!

What's in your back seat??


Kjersten said...

The "waterlogged passenger" would like to point out that she was just noting the unique combination of items in the back of the car. Also, she did appreciate the save from greater waterloggedness :)

Fran said...

My backseat is pretty boring but my dryer - now that's a real treasure trove on some wash days. There's an average of $1.00 in change, a broken black pen and pocket comb - washed for the 47th time. Then there are screws, nuts bolts, compressed bits of paper - like Metro cards, movie passes, doorprize tickets and the icky multi-shredded kleenex pieces. The best was a newly washed and hot dried folded up old twenty dollar bill- that paid for an ice cream date. One person's lint ia another's loot!

Anonymous said...

My car has a pretty interesting assortment too. Among other things, a large styrofoam cooler with two posters on top for the Rolling Stones/Scorsese movie "Shine a Light." A very warm parka, not yet removed from the winter travel season; a wool poncho; a synthetic cape. Several science fiction books. A child's seat. Several pieces of children's art. Floor strewn with crushed CVS-brand Cheez-It clones (they weren't very good), spilled and not yet cleaned up.