Saturday, April 12, 2008

signs and gratitude

signs of spring, renewal and new life are welcome at this time of year. while we don't have anything like a midwestern winter, it is nice to:

hear the birds in the early, early morning again (even if they do leave evidence on my car)
see blossoms blooming - tulips, cherry blossoms, lilacs, and surprises in my garden surrounding the house i moved into in november

these creation signs of new life point to the new life that God provides. yesterday i learned that a dear friend from seminary died suddenly. he was a special person, with a depth and many, many gifts he offered to his family and friends, the world and the church. i am sad for us, but can't help feeling that he now is just where he is supposed to be.

today I am grateful for:

having known Kevin Schultz

friends who bring me lilacs from their yard/garden just because I mentioned they are my favorite flowers in one of my sermons

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