Monday, November 1, 2010

Looking Up

Lately, I have found myself looking up a lot. I don't know that there is any particular reason, but it is a noticeable change. Looking up I noticed the moon clearly one Saturday in the light of an early summer evening. That same moon was there in the early morning, Sunday, as I left for church. Besides being drawn to it's beauty, I was reminded of our Creator who set the sun, moon and stars in their places in the heavens. And the Sustainer who continues to watch over all of creation, even when it's not so obvious as the moon was for me.

I have recently been immersing myself in a contemporary application of the ancient monastic tradition and Rule as St. Benedict instructed his community. These traditions can help us realign or re-balance when life has gone astoundingly awry or when life seems just a little out of balance.  Sometimes life is just a slog, and you put one foot in front of another until you climb out of the hole, and, one day find yourself able to look up and see the beauty of the moon, a reminder that there is one who is constant in our lives.  God.  One of the most enriching parts of my vocation is the new Benedictine Life In Balance gathering that meets on Thursday evenings at First Trinity in downtown Washington, DC.  The Rule has something in it for everyone, at any point in your life - young, old, somewhere in the middle...on top of the world or haven't yet hit the bottom, but it's all downhill and backwards from your perspective.  It is an enriching, often winding journey that we are called to live; may you live it well.  Peace on the journey. 

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