Thursday, September 4, 2008

Meditation and...Crickets

This week I sat down to welcome the morning and thank God for one more day. I was not, however, the only one to be welcoming the day. Outside, various sounds - the symphony of birds and insects; inside, without tv, radio, computer or anything going, there was silence - almost.

There had been a few sightings of crickets inside the house before. Jonathan and I had some funny moments of shrieking laughter as we tried to get a plastic glass over the jumpy creatures and slide paper underneath so we could transport God's creatures safely outside. Privately, without my impressionable 5.5 year old son around, a rolled up newspaper worked j u s t fine.

However, one must have escaped our eyes, or re-entered, who knows where or how...and was now making itself known. Ahhh, a good chance to practice - "let all the sounds around you be a part of your meditation; accept them; release them; let them fall through fingers like sand and water...".

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