Saturday, September 1, 2007

Peace Lily Repentance

This is about the healthiest my peace lily has looked in a long time. I am now motivated to trim away the dead leaves, give a really good pruning, and change my "watering ways".

I was talking about the plant, but sometimes that is required in our lives, too. At least for me, sometimes being human isn't enough of an excuse for those repeated offenses that haunt - the impatience that shows on my face, the disapproval or hurt in my voice, and it's time to ask God to take them away, to put something else in my repertoire to handle whatever comes my way. I suspect my repentance, the changing of my ways, will be harder than that of my plant.


Cindy CG said...

Sometimes I feel like I have my hands in too many places at once. I let things string along too. I video blogged about this but can't get any of these to upload! It's called "THE Bottom". I noticed that I don't really change and prune until I hit that bottom of disgust!

holumb said...

Oh, I recognize that 1/3 dead yet already reviving lily, having seen one much like it in the mirror and also on the porch one day in Batahola Sur. Yup to Cindy, "the bottom" is the place of recognition and restart. God is Good!